Sale Leaseback with WE3 Allows Business Owners to Sell Their Commercial Property and Lease it Back Immediately —

On Their Own Terms

Liquidate Your Real Estate Assets without Giving Up Control of the Property

Why Sale Leaseback with WE3?

As a business owner, you are always seeking ways to improve your cash flow while maintaining leverage over loan terms and all available financing options. While banks may be eager to supply your company with mortgage financing, mezzanine and other structured loans, most middle-market businesses find that high interest rates and strict loan terms render these financing options unprofitable.

With Sale-Leaseback from WE3, companies can convert their commercial property into flexible capital without ever losing control of their real estate. Take advantage of sale leaseback now and sell your real estate assets while securing an immediate long-term lease on your terms — without any effect on your day-to-day operations.

Free Your Asset Capital and Boost Your Financial Statement


If your company is like most, then your commercial property is a high-value, non-core business asset that locks up a great deal of capital without offering any cash flow advantages. Purchase leaseback allows you to maintain your operational business structure through a long-term lease while reinvesting the capital into your profitable business assets.

More Cash and Investment Potential


Sale leaseback grants access to more cash than mortgage financing — without the strings attached. By securing a flexible lease with WE3, your business can avoid financing costs, appraisal fees and other burdens commonly associated with loans, all while enjoying low rental rates and up to 100% of the property’s appraised value in cash. 

Convert Your Liability into a Cash Asset


Your commercial property is a fixed asset that appears as a liability on the balance sheet, which may affect your ability to negotiate loans and short-term debt options with future lenders. By converting your real estate asset into cash, you can achieve a higher ratio of current assets versus liabilities and gain access to a greater range of business opportunities.

Flexible Lease Terms


As the seller and the lessee, your company has a negotiation advantage when it comes to structuring lease terms. Specify your lease timeline while securing extension options, early lease termination, subleases, and other flexible terms.

Maintain Full Property Control


With a hands-off sale-leaseback, you can opt for a triple-net lease option and stay in charge of property tax payments, insurance and grounds maintenance.

Save Money on Taxes


Write off your lease payment as a deductible and save money on company taxes through sale leaseback.

Avoid Financial Covenants


Many financing options are more trouble than they’re worth due to risky financial covenants. Because sales leasebacks fall under real estate investment trust laws, your company won’t have to worry about active management and can operate its business based on fixed lease terms and in the security of its own decisions.

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