Sale Leaseback: Unlock Your Building’s Potential As A Funding Source

Your assets should work as hard as you do. If you have properties, then use them to leap ahead of the competition or get out of a challenging situation. We can help you arrange a sale-leaseback to maximize your building's potential while minimizing disruption to your business.

In a sale leaseback, you sell your building then lease it right away. The buyer becomes the landlord while you become the tenant. Lease terms, payments, and duration are all defined in the contract. Why do the parties agree to such a roundabout deal? It turns out to be beneficial for both of them.

For Sellers

A purchase leaseback makes it possible to secure a large amount of money quickly. They can use it to fund expansions, repay debts, make investments, and take care of other obligations. They don't have to move out of the property. Business will continue as usual.

For Buyers

The agreement opens opportunities to invest in real estate with low risk and decent profits. They already have an ideal tenant eager for the lease - one who is familiar with the property and how to manage it. Buyers can collect rent while others deal with the operation.

Risk Mitigation

Study the risks. The parties may not agree on the lease duration and rental rates. The tenant might not get along with the new landlord. Conversely, landlords might not get the expected returns on their investment.

Get sale leaseback experts to make arrangements on your behalf. They will fix issues, find common ground, evaluate suitability, and determine financial capabilities. Get the best match by taking a holistic view.

Consider the possibilities when your business needs more funds. Look into current assets instead of borrowing right away. You may already have everything you need. Use a sale-leaseback to unlock your building's potential as a funding source.